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    Joe Louis is an International singer, music producer and engineer described as a “Super Talent” by Joe Louis is a life long musician who learned to play various instruments by ear starting with the drum set at the age of two. By the age of 10 Joe became a live sound engineer for churches, which lead him to graduating from Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Audio Production. Since moving to Atlanta Joe was apart of the Grammy Nominated production studios The Inkkwell as a producer, engineer and songwriter before starting Joe Louis Entertainment. Since the creation of Joe Louis Entertainment, Joe has serviced talents from all genres, both major and independent such as Maroon 5, The Kalamazoo Symphony, Bando Pop, Stacy Brathe, João Marcos, Hit-Boy, Mark Battles, and has even landed a #1 Spotify Album with Dave Mac. Known for his distinct voice, unique production and crisp sound as an engineer, Joe will continue to grow within the music industry.

Dave Mac Goes #1!

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Dave Mac's 2019 album Anything is now a number one Spotify album in Canada. Joe Louis served as the executive producer and the mixing and mastering engineer.

"Joe Louis remains to be a force to reckon within the music industry as he continues to make impressive music with many of the industry’s biggest names"- NY Weekly

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"His capability of working with a wide range of musical genres, including pop, hip-hop, and even classical music, sets him apart from the rest."- Music Observer



"It is only a matter of time before Joe Louis becomes a household name in the music industry as the quality of his work always precedes him. As an artist who wears many hats, he is bound to surpass other well-known personalities in the music industry."- The American Reporter

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"With the success that he has amassed today and the countless music legends who would attest to his professionalism, Joe has proven that being a master of various trades is possible."- Medium

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Notable Talents Joe Has Worked With

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