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Dave Mac Goes #1!

Dave Mac's 2019 album Anything is now a number one Spotify album in Canada. Joe Louis served as the executive producer and the mixing and mastering engineer.

"Joe Louis remains to be a force to reckon within the music industry as he continues to make impressive music with many of the industry’s biggest names"- NY Weekly

"It is only a matter of time before Joe Louis becomes a household name in the music industry as the quality of his work always precedes him. As an artist who wears many hats, he is bound to surpass other well-known personalities in the music industry."- The American Reporter

"His capability of working with a wide range of musical genres, including pop, hip-hop, and even classical music, sets him apart from the rest."- Music Observer



"With the success that he has amassed today and the countless music legends who would attest to his professionalism, Joe has proven that being a master of various trades is possible."- Medium

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"We create an experience, so your moments can last a lifetime."
"We create an experience, so your moments can last a lifetime."

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